Live-Streaming Promo 2020

During September our Monday & Wednesday 9am, 11am & 5.30 pm classes will be Live-streamed to our Public Facebook page



Send-a-Friend and earn free membership in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Share our Facebook page with your friends and invite them to try the Live-streaming classes.


Step 2

If your friends enjoy the classes send them this link to our webpage inviting them to subscribe to our Live-Streaming Facebook group.


Step 3

If your friends subscribe, submit the 'Send-a-Friend' Claim Form below with their names and receive a 1 month free subscription for each friend.


T's & C's

  • This promotion is open to anyone & everyone and ends 30 September 2020. You must have a current subscription to be valid for your free membership. 

  • FIFS - Only 1 months free subscription can be claimed per person. You cannot receive a free month for a friend if one has already been claimed for that same friend.

  • Your free subscriptions will be varified instantly if your friends subscribe on the monthly term. If subscribed weekly you will receive your free membership after 4 weekly payments have been made.

  • Your free subscription will start from your next due date once they have been verified. Your payments will be suspended.

  • Your free subscription cannot be refunded or exchanged but can be transferred to other current subscribers to our Live-streaming group.

Send-a-Friend Claim Form

Please list all friends names who have subscribed. You will receive 1 free months subscription for each friend, once verified.