LIVE Combo (No Holds)

$75 Monthly consecutive payments

(6 month min term. $75 early cancelation fee)

To subscribe to the LIVE Combo Membership please set-up your ongoing monthly AP to the account details listed above or using your credit card on the subscribe button. 

When subscribing to the LIVE Combo rate you agree to the 6 month minimum term and early cancellation policy.

Membership Hold Form

  • Membership holds are available on the one and two month memberships and can start at any time during the week.
  • Membership holds cannot exceed the term of your membership. ie, A one month membership cannot be put on hold for longer than one month.
  • Membership hold start and end dates must be submitted to the office with at least one weeks notice to ensure it's activated on time.
  • All holds incur a $10 membership extension fee and will be activated when the fee is received.
  • You can pay your fee directly to Bodymind (NZ) Ltd  03 0687 0429494 00