What is Bodymind Pilates?

Bodymind Pilates is an exclusive Pilates exercise studio operating a weekly timetable of matwork classes. Bodymind Pilates classes are developed on the fundamental principles of Pilates and uses Chi-ball and Resistance band exercises.


Bodymind Pilates improves posture and balance, increases flexibility and mobility,  and strengthens the core muscles including the pelvic floor.


Is it suitable for me?

Bodymind Pilates classes are suitable for men and women all ages and abilities. Most exercises are performed on mats so you need to be able to get up and down easily off the floor. 

Your instructors will provide intensity options in your classes to participate at your own fitness level and ability.

Bodymind Pilates also provides the ACC Strength and Balance classes for older populations. These programmes have been developed to help reduce the risks of falls and fractures. Our gentle approach to exercising provides safe and enjoyable classes for everyone.

Come and try a class for free. Sign up to receive your complimentary free trial. There's no obligation to join, just come and see if it suits you.

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'Bodymind Pilates classes will strengthen your muscles and help you move easier with less pains. Stronger muscles give you more energy to last longer during the day, a stronger posture improves your balance, and increases your mobility. And regular exercise will help you sleep better at nights' 


Our classes range from the Beginner level to our gentle Balance classes which focus on strengthening your core muscles to improve your balance and increase your mobility, or if you prefer a stronger workout then you may wish to join in with the high intensity Core Pilates.

We also provide a Men Only Strength & Balance Core class although some men welcome the challenge of the general Balance and Core classes.  


When are classes on?

Balance Pilates classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am.

Core Pilates classes run 9.00 am Sunday to Thursday and 8.00 am Friday. Evening classes run Monday to Thursday at 5.30 pm with a gentle 2pm class on Tuesdays.

Men Only Strength & Balance Core Pilates classes run every Friday at 9.00 am.


How much does it cost?

Our memberships fees are commitment based depending on how often you wish to attend each week. Regular weekly attendance on the unlimited memberships allow you come as often as you like, and move freely amongst classes. 

The most popular option is the 6 week special at $105 for those attending regular classes. Attending 3 classes per week on the 6 week membership breaks down to just under $6 per class. Attending once a week is easily managed with a 10 trip pass.

Live-Streaming subs are only $6/week or $25/month.

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How to book & cancel classes

To book classes you need an active membership.

Booking - Go to the 'Timetable' and click on the desired class, then select 'Enrol'. You may have to sign-in using your email address and password. Remember to click on 'Finish' to confirm your booking.

Cancelling - To cancel your booked class go to your 'Upcoming Schedule' in your account. You may have to sign-in using your email address and password. Your 'Upcoming Schedule' can be found in your 'Dashboard' under the 'My Stuff' tab.

For booking or cancelling assistance please call support on 0275 225 225




Meet the Instructors


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If you want to know more or have any questions or queries, or just want to chat about classes please give us a call on 0800 745 283 (0800 PILATES)